A Hop Back in Time

25th August 2016

Chris Nicol

Assistant Manager Brewer

The doors have long opened, the smell of fresh paint has faded, and the high-mirror sheen of the mash tun has been dulled somewhere amidst the flurry of beer creation. Shilling Brewing Company is well and truly up and running, and we’ve been able to bring you a pretty diverse range of beers so far. In case you’ve missed any, let’s have a quick recap.

Full-On Nettle Racket

We didn’t just wander along here and open the doors one day. Shilling Brewing Company took months of planning, and sadly, some of the tasks involved researching beers. It’s not all high-octane thrilling boardroom meetings in this game. We tried a lot of really diverse saisons in the process, and loved the idea of having one of our own. This beer was brewed before we were on-site, and included a good few sacks full of freshly-cut nettles, giving us an earthy, spicy beer which tasted almost green. Incidentally, don’t buy gardening gloves from a pound shop.

Timatanga Pale

This beer was a celebration of the fact that we could finally make beer in our own place. It was a long time coming, and the name Timatanga is a roughly translated Maori word for ‘fresh beginnings’. More than that though, it seems quite joyous to read, and indeed to say. Try that now. Wherever you are, throw your head back close your eyes and scream it at the top of your voice. Feel better, don’t you? Life’s problems are gone. Your boss isn’t really out to get you, you really are more handsome than your mates, you didn’t disgrace yourself that night. What a feeling. As this was the first beer we brewed on our kit, it was a little less adventurous than the Full-On Nettle racket, but the result was perfect, a golden, easy-drinking pale ale with peach & tropical fruity notes. TIMATANGA! Shout it again. Shout it proudly.


Black Star Tele-porter

Having brewed a good selection of pale beers, it was time to switch over to the dark side. We used eight different malts to create a complex body, and added roasted coconut once in the fermentation vessel. The coconut added a delicate sweetness and slight nose to the porter, but wasn’t overpowering. We here at Shilling Brewing Company believe that when you’re drinking a beer, you should know you’re drinking a beer. We’d prefer not to add any overpowering flavours. We don’t need to. This beer outsold any other dark beers we had on offer. And you love it. Yes, you.

German Suplex

There are some tremendously-named beers out there, from the understated ‘Polygamy Porter’ by Wasatch Brewery, through to the excellent ‘Yeastus Christ’ by To Øl. Where they excelled, we have tended to struggle somewhat. The fact that we are unconstrained should be of limitless benefit in these situations, but the lack of any such constraints tends to lead us down some pretty crazy paths. To fully-enjoy this name, you should first be aware that the German Suplex is a wrestling move. Now, if your mind will allow you to envisage abstract scenarios, try to picture the very concept of a traditional German wheat beer being ‘suplexed’ through a table of hops. We. Are. Hilarious.

Bulls On Parade

We tried something completely new here, and created this Belgian IPA using the hop burst technique. No bittering hops were added to the wort at the start of the boil. Instead, a ton of aromatic hops were added with 30, 20, 10 & 5 minutes of the boil remaining. These hops fused with the spicy characteristics of the yeast to produce a truly unique cask ale. The name? We like the song. No wordplay, just blatant plagiarism.

Black Unicorn

Many years ago, when our last great binicorn was split asunder by lightening, two rampant unicorns came in it’s stead. The tamest of the two was captured and chained and became our flagship IPA. The other roams wild and free to this day. It’s in honour of this savage beast that we name our newest brew. The black IPA will be our next beer, and indeed by some strange twist of fate you could be enjoying one as you read this very article. Wow.

If you have indeed missed any of these beers, that’s to your detriment. We’ve brewed them for you. The least you could do is see them aff. And though I miss catching the odd glimpse of my face in the sleek copper sheen of the mash tun, I can satiate my ever-present arrogance with the fact that I’ve had a hand in producing some really high quality beers.

Seriously, we love brewing new beers, and will continue to do so. If you want to see what we’re currently brewing pop in for a visit, or check out our brewing page. Creating new beers: it’s what we brew (lol).

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