Around the World in Eighty Beers

23rd August 2019

By Chloe Jane Murphy - Shilling Brewing Co.

For the last three years Shilling Brewing Co. have worked hard to produce some tasty beers for you lot to enjoy fresh, straight from our tanks. Working with such a limited space we have perfected our rotation of brews to ensure we have our four core range beers on at all times. This year we have pushed ourselves even further. Bringing you more collaborations and a power of quirky experimental beers.

Basically what I’m getting at is we’re not about to slow down. We know that you lot love new and unique beers and we love brewing them... as well as drinking them right along with you. We've gone a bit bananas with our next one, as we are about to fire out another belter in time for National Banana Split Day. Brace yourself for our beer that's been inspired by our favourite key aspects of this long loved classic, as we present you with a beer that would make Bananaman jump for joy - our Banana Ice Cream IPA.

banana beer man

This Bananaman kick starter launches your taste buds into action with a heroic amount of sweet banana and fruity pineapple. This combo creates the most amazing mouthfeel, filling your glass with a full bodied banger. To truly elevate this beer there is a generous amount of vanilla that has been added, which creates that decadent dessert vibe. We'll be dropping this new prototype this Sunday 25th,

Not content with only delivering you delightful beers from yours truly we strive to have only the best beer from all over the country, NAY, throughout the world across our 31 taps and in our packaged selection.

At the start of the month we got to celebrate International Beer Day and it was a pretty damn pleasant reminder of some of the absolute 10/10 beers we’ve had since the start of the year from all over the world. Truth be told, I felt like you lot deserved a quick recap. So, It's now time to take a trip around the world in eighty beers. Natttt... more like ten beers (I wish we had the time for eighty). 

Beerbliotek - Black Ale Chilli (Sweden)


We had this beer on tap back in February and man is it one feisty black IPA. Fresh flavours of grapefruit come rushing in at first taste, quickly followed by velvety chocolate notes that truly compliment the finally that is the beautiful heat from beerbliotek’s house-dried chillies. This 7.6% beer is not messing around, it is Full of flavour.

Wander Beyond - Anura  (England, Manchester)

wander beyond

Back in April we struggled to deal with how fabulous Anura from Wander Beyond was. This imperial Berliner Weisse is not only vibrant in colour but is vibrant in taste. You are instantly hit with half a tonne of blueberries that deliver a tart fruity intense taste. These flavours alongside Anuras thick body leave you thinking you are about to enjoy a healthy smoothie. I mean you’re half right, this beer has been refermented on a power of real blueberries after all. But don't let this beer make a fool out of you as it still weighs in at a hefty 7%. Shook. I’m still classing it as 1 of my 5 a day. Who’s with me?

Basqueland Brewing Company - Brut Reynolds (Spain)

brut reynolds

If you were worried this beer was only amazing because of its fantastic pun you’d be happily incorrect. This DDH Brut IPA is a perfect representation of the style. Your nose is instantly tickled with all the aromas that spring from being double dry hopped. Through the taste you enjoy those classic brut qualities of  amazingly dry citrusy flavours. What can I say Brut Reynolds is a highly effervescent beauty.


Lervig Passion Tang (Norway)


This brewery makes nothing but belters, Passion Tang is a perfect example. This tongue tingling sour takes your taste buds to a whole new level. As soon as you get a sniff of this beer you can already taste the passion fruit that is awaiting within your glass. No lies my mouth proper starts to salivate straight away. There is zero disappointment with the taste that follows. The soft malt base of the brew makes for an extremely light and refreshing beer. But don’t let this fruity beer trick you into thinking it's nuttin' but juice because it comes out hitting with a 7% abv. WOW.


Tiny Rebel - Stay Puft (Wales, New Port)

stay puft

"I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never, ever possibly destroy us, Mr. Stay Puft”

What a decadent treat! This marshmallow porter from Tiny Rebel has all the smoothness and texture you would expect, but it also has all those lovely toasty roasty qualities from the dark malts used in the mash in, allowing that nostalgic taste of s’mores at the campfire just like Ray was thinking of in Ghost Busters. This has proven time and time again to be a customer favourite.

 Overtone x Good Spirits (Scotland, Glasgow)


Still absolutely shook over how delightful the Overtone x Good Spirits Co collab was. TENS ACROSS THE BOARD 🔥. A full bright, hazy body fills your glass and delivers you pineapple, mango and stone fruit flavours. This tropical delight could trick your eyes into the thinking you were about to tan a health drink, but this is where the beaut flavours and aromas of pine and citrus come rushing in to balance out that sweetness and give you a perfectly rounded New England style session.

 Brouwerij Alvinne - Cuvée Sofie (Belgium)

cuvee sofie

Ever since our palates first met Cuvée Sofie Alvinee we were obsessed. Now... finally... we have added bottles of this magical barrel aged, blonde sour to our fridges.
Cuvée Sofie skilfully presents you with balanced flavours of sweet, sour and salty. Full funky flavours come from their house yeast strain Morpheus, cultivated and created by their very own yeast wizard. Alvinne have perfectly blurred the line between beer and wine by using Bordeaux barrels to create an incredibly refreshing, smooth 8% beer.

Pohjalabeer - Leevike (Estonia)


Okay so this one is a slight cheat because we had in back in December but it’s too good not to add to this list and is quite frankly exactly what we need now that we are gearing up to Christmas. Yeah I said it, get yer bookings in (our Christmas menu awaits you).

I truly obsessed over this beer when we had it on and it truly stole first place from mulled wine to become my favourite warmer. Step into Christmas with the most seasonal sour. Leevike spills over with full on winter vibes. Spicing up your palette with fermented cranberries, hibiscus, heather honey, toasted cinnamon and cloves. 

Could anything sound more Christmassy?

Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes - La Salamandre (Switzerland)

la salamandre

Take a gander at this sweet lil salamander 🦎 

La Salamandre is a super fresh Belgian Witbier from BFM. This perfectly balanced floral and spicy beer has a beautifully creamy body and leaves you with a cheeky bitter orange zing.



Shilling Brewing Company x Acid Brewing Cartel (Scotland, Glasgow)


Sick of Sour IPAs that state like one of the styles more than the other? Rather than a balanced blend between the two? Well then, this is the one for you. This lip puckering sour slams sharp tart mango notes at you during the beginning of your sip, light bitter notes of citrus from grapefruit and lime zest then come in to create a bridge over to the similar flavours and aromas that stem from the hops that have been used. Want to know more about our collab with Acid Brewing Cartel 👉Click Here👈

That appears to be us at the end of our world trip folks, so until next time keep your eyes peeled on the Gram and Facebook for all our antics and events.

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