A beer for every thirst

Shilling Brewing Co. is all about bringing you the best of beers.

We were the first bar in Glasgow to serve beer direct from tanks. That beer we're serving isn't shipped in from anywhere else. It's brewed right behind the bar. We believe that this guarantees you the freshest pint in Glasgow.

To date, we remain the only true small-batch microbrewery smack bang in Glasgow city centre. There is a real beauty in brewing such small batches. It means that we can react quickly to any feedback about our beers, and tweak our recipes to fit!

Along with this, it enables us to be experimental with the styles and flavours we use in our rotational brews.

We always aim to have something new from our in-house brewery for you to try. Whether it be flavour filled small batches, bold big brews or something we've created in collaboration with one of the many breweries we love.

The final end goal always remains the same - striving to perfect our product and provide you lot with a beer for every thirst.

If you can't decide, we offer a tasting flight of 41 thirds and our banter filled staff are always ready to help you on your beer discovery.

At our maximum capacity, Shilling boasts 31 draught beer lines. Boasting the most extensive rotational draught range in Scotland. Our guest beers change on a daily basis, so make sure you follow us on Untappd to be the first to hear about any new beers we put on. We've conveniently popped our menu below for you.

Along with providing our diverse beer selection, we host many an event. So, be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss out on any of the fun.

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