Beer & Gin-tertainment Event!

8th July 2019

By Chloe Jane Murphy - Shilling Brewing Company

With World Gin Day gleaming around the corner, your dear old pals over at Shilling were hit with a wave of inspiration. A wave that filled our brewer’s room with enough aromatics that would have fooled you into thinking you had dived into a vast pool of gin. Cue drooling.

Botanicals and hops are a match made in heaven, so we wanted to bring you a delightful treat right in time for June 8th. We know that we are not the first to come up with this combo but we have definitely brewed you up a belter in the form of a Juniper Sour.

This beaut brew delivers you a delightfully dry and sharp effervescent beverage that mimics the delicious layers of a G&T. The fruitiness of the hops run seamlessly alongside the lime, lemon and grapefruit peel used within it's fermentation. The botanicals remain the star in this sour and have not been outshined with all the complex notes within.

On top of our botanical beer we wanted to bring you a unique gin tasting session to really capture the essence of World Gin Day. On June 8th we are teaming up with Sean Murphy author of “Gin Galore” to explore the fabulous world of Scottish gin. Our unique tasting session will take you on a journey where you will experience 3 beautiful gins and 1 incredible beer & gin cocktail created especially for the event.

What is this gin extravaganza you ask? It is Beer & Gin-tertainment! Tickets are available now, so click the link and purchase yerself a treat 👉 Click Me! 👈

Shilling Brewing Co. Perfect Serves.

Sounds like we've been busy doesn't it?

Our brewing antics don't end there as our brewery has seen some rapid action this month due to our 3rd birthday plans being well on their way. As a result of our plans coming into action our first collab with Acid Brewing Cartel is almost ready and is looking absolute class. We are already buzzing to try this beer when it's finished. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on our birthday bash, but until then you can check out all of our antics over on our Instagram. 


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