Kombucha, an Origin Story

1st May 2019

By Chloe Murphy - Shilling Brewing Company 

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We’re pretty damn obsessed with all things fermentation over at Shilling. So, it only made sense that we would add a cheeky kombucha to our fridges.


But what is kombucha? We know a lot of you want to know a little more than “Aww it’s made from a mushroom lookin’ hing.” and you want in on all the hype. Let’s start at the beginning and get pretty excited over all things kombucha…


Originating in China, kombucha has been consumed for thousands of years due to its ridiculous health benefits. It’s a fermented tea-based probiotic drink, which beyond being a mouthful, is believed to strengthen the immune system, detoxify and aid in digestion. It’s filled with hunners of beneficial bacteria and micronutrients. Is it just me or is it sounding like a tasty Yakult or other probiotic milk drinks?


Kombucha is brewed from feeding a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) sugar and tea. SCOBYs are those mushroom lookin’ hings we brought up earlier and despite looking like a gross alien, they’re essential in the brewing of kombucha. The SCOBY ferments the ingredients – converting a sweet tea into sharp, effervescent kombucha. Fermentation can take between a week to a month depending on whether you’re looking for a sweet kombucha or a tart, vinegary one. Spices, herbs or fruit can later be added during a second fermentation to add some depth of flavour.


Much like the fermentation of beer the yeast eats up the sugar, creating CO2 and alcohol, which has got us all thinking how long until kombucha beer takes over the craft beer market. Various kombucha taprooms are popping up across America and are producing brews that have an alcohol percentage of between .5% to 3%.


TL:DR - It’s a far tastier Yakult 😍


We’ve chosen to stock Clever Kombucha in our fridges. This Clyde-built ‘bucha is brewed in a deliciously refreshing range of flavours, that has us hooked. Currently we’ve got the following belters in our fridges: Peach Lavender, Ginger Pear and Coffee. It’s nuttin but the good stuff from these guys PLUS their brews are gluten free, vegan and have been made with all organic everything. What’s not to love?!


This health drink is anything but boring and can be enjoyed in many ways, at any time of the day. Whether you are trading in your sugary fizzy juice for a healthy naturally carbonated drink, an alcohol-free option, an experimental bevy mixer or even a belting hangover cure – kombucha has your back.


We know this was/has been a pretty full-on technical adventure but we’ll be back with more easily digestible info shortly. Until then continue to catch up on our pint-sized patter over on the gram or Facebook.

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