New Year, New Beer

4th February 2019

By Chloe Murphy - Shilling Brewing Company


You may remember towards the end of last year we created a small batch Passion Fruit Sour as an addition to our Prototype Series - or you may not as it sold out in a matter of days (humble brag).

With the recent appearance of the stems of many a daffodil, it's evident that we're steadily approaching spring time, which means we are steadily approaching sour season. With the incredibly warm reception our Passion fruit number had, we decided that there would be no better time than now to scale up our fastest selling small batch of 2018. It's time to bring you an upgrade of our lip puckering passion fruit & lactose sour straight from the big brew kit. The beautiful bold hazy orange body and tongue tingling tart flavours of passion fruit will have you refreshed and literally put the Spring in your step.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 12.04.27 (1)

If you missed out trying this belter last time don’t miss out on the launch of Passionista next week for all you dedicated followers of passion.

Along with launch of our new sour we will continue to provide you with that fresh spring feeling hooking you up with the highest number of sour taps in Glasgow.

We have already had some absolute 10's on this year, so here are a few of our favourites so far.


  1. Northern Alchemy x 40 Kola: 40 Kola Sour

This tangy treat hits you with a wave of nostalgia, transporting you back to being a kid waiting at the van for your fizzy cola bottle fix. However, unlike the cola bottles you’d scran back in the day, 40 Kola Sour is vegan. Not only is this beer a delightfully wild concept but it literally is wild, as it is soured from using unmilled grain in the Berliner Weisse style making use of natural Lactobacillus for fermentation.


  1. Overtone Brewing x Upfront Brewing: Black Market Fruit

What a juicy wee number, blackberry and raspberry flavours come spilling out of this 5.2% abv sour and fill your mouth with authentic fruit flavours – there is no artificial malarkey here, +100g of fresh blackberries and raspberries per litre make sure of that. This beauty is also vegan friendly.


  1. Brew York: Goose Willis

Yippie-Ki-Yay, Motherplucker! Not only is this pun fantastic but the beer is pretty damn tasty. Dry hopped with a whole load of Nelson Sauvin this kettle sour is filled with so much gooseberries that it is impossible to not feel refreshed. The use of lactose gives a super full and creamy finish to complement the natural acidity.

You'll no doubt have noticed how sexy these images are. To see more, check our Instagram

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