Shilling House Party

8th July 2019

By Chloe Jane Murphy, Shilling Brewing Co

Yer dear old pals over at Shilling recently turned 3 and we are throwing a birthday party (this Wednesday, July 10th) at our gaff to celebrate.

We will be dropping an array of small batch beauts from yours truly to the tune of our guest DJ, along with some banging collabs with our pals at Acid Brewing CartelOvertone Brewing Co and Pilot. The shenanigans won't stop there.

Our birthday is something we've been gearing up to for quite some time, organising collaboration brews with Scottish breweries we love in order to create beers that we'd love to drink. We're pretty excited for you all to try them.

Everything truly kicked off in May when we mashed in our first brew for the party with Ciaran a.k.a Acid Brewing Cartel. We love a good sour here at Shilling so who else would we team up with other than the Glaswegian Sour King himself.


But who is Acid Brewing Cartel?

Acid Brewing Cartel is one of Glasgow's newest gypsy brewers and so far all that Ciaran has put out there is nothing but funky magic. Focusing on sours and wild ales. Acid Brewing Cartel delivers our dreary Glasgow a much needed rush of vibrancy. These vibrant flavours take your taste buds on a journey through the perfect levels of fruity acidity, subtle spices and that unmistakable 'I can't put my finger on it' funk that you get from wild yeast. It's quite evident that Ciaran is brewing what he wants, the way he whats to do it. Allowing that unmistakable Glasgow patter to run fluently through his online social presence and the marketing of his beer. Looking for his bevy? It pops up in taprooms all over Scotland and can be found in the majority of craft beer bottle shops.

Acid brewing cartel

 Next up on our birthday adventure...

was a collab with the new kids on the block Overtone Brewing Co. These guys have been knocking out non stop belters since their launch in 2018. It's absolutely no wonder that they are up for almost every award going.
So to create our hops on hops number they were our guys and in our opinion our head brewer Declan and Overtones Daniel are a match made in heaven #AllAboutThatHugeHaze.

overtone brewing co

What's the story with Overtone Brewing Co?

Overtone are also knew to the Glasgow brewery list. Launching just at the end of 2018 in Yoker, Bowei Wang (founder of Overtone) has provided Glasgow with a brewery that is producing quality beers that truly focus on the four key ingredients to brewing beer (water, malts, hops and yeast) rather than needing to add flavouring or juice. Bowei's choice of head brewer has really been instrumental in creating the distinguishing vibe and identity of their beer. Daniel's move to Glasgow from America has brought with him more than just his passion for brewing beer but all kinds of tasty secrets needed for brewing beer New England Style.


Our final beaut brew,

our dessert for the occasion some might say was with our friends at Pilot. These guys have produced nothing but absolute 10s since opening their brewery in 2013 and our staff rinse kegs of Mochaccino on the regular. With that being said is it any surprise that we chose to brew a stout together?


What's Pilot's chat?

Pilot are a deliciously successful brewery based in Leith. 2019 has proven to be a busy year for their team. From brewing the beer for the Edinburgh Craft Beer festival, brewing our birthday collab, being a part of many a festival to most importantly their recent move to their new brewery that is complete with a canning line. Pilot are nothing but personality. It's evident from each beer that they put out there that they are spilling over with creativity and only use the finest ingredients. Also have you seen their twitter, their banter is everything.

Pilot brewing

That is you caught up on our big brews. But, there will be cheeky wee surprise brews being dropped on the day.  Hope to see you all on Wednesday and as always but you can see what we are up to over on our social media.

See you soon!

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