Tank Beer Revolution

19th October 2017

By Gordon Banks - Brewer

Tank beer has been part of the Czech way of life for over 20 years. It is as synonymous with the country’s culture as Franz Kafka, or Pavel Nedved’s disciplined left foot. These tank bars (tankovnas) separate themselves from the regular pubs of the country in the fresh quality of the beer they serve. Rather than dispensing beer from kegs which may have been sitting in warehouses or cellars for several months at a time the beer is dispensed from large containers which are filled with fresh unpasteurised beer direct from the brewery.


Because the beer is unpasteurised it has a much shorter shelf life than most kegged lagers and is to be drunk within a few weeks of filling. Great for those who prefer their beer without it being subjected to intense high temperatures. It is almost like drinking beer straight from a tap at the brewery.


Shilling Brewing Co .er .


Over the past year there has been a rise in the number of bars in Glasgow offering Tank Beer with each one claiming to be bringing you the freshest pint in Glasgow. Whether it’s European classics such as Krusovice or Staropraman shipped all the way from the Czech Republic in oil tanker like vehicles, the East End of Glasgow with Tennent’s, or now Perth’s own Innis & Gunn. This has provided consumers with the opportunity to taste brewery fresh beer from the comfort of a pub.


Shilling Brewing Co .er .
Behold the might overhead beer-laden tanks.


The only place you can find fresher beer is in a brewery. Which we have. In our bar. In fact it’s behind, above, and beneath our bar. Our beer doesn’t leave the building never mind the post code or the country it was brewed in. The delicious malty sweet wort is created in the kit behind our bar before being sent to the fermentation vessels in the basements before maturing in the conditioning tanks located above the bar.


The beer is unfiltered, unpasteurised, and, in most cases, vegan friendly*. The taps are connected directly to the conditioning tanks so that when the beer is ready for sale we can pour directly from them into your glass. What’s better than one fresh beer? 4, 5, or 6 fresh beers is a good start.


*Unless where we brew a beer using Lactose or animal products. Isinglass is never used in fining our beer.

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